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Which is the choice of cement mortar defoamer?

By : -- 2020-05-25 10:50:47

With each passing day, China's construction industry has developed rapidly like a rocket in recent years. China has become an international city, and everyone knows the cement of the watch in the construction, but people often overlook the representative of cement mortar, which plays an important role in cement defoamer, let Defond take everyone into the mysterious field of building materials industry today.

Cement Mortar Defoamer 

Application of cement defoamer


The cement defoaming agent developed by Defeng is a defoaming agent synthesized with the latest patented technology, which is a polyether and other ingredients. In the cement mortar system, it has good dispersion and rapid defoaming, so as to effectively control the generation of foam in the cement mortar system and make the concrete components more compact and bright. This product is non-toxic and odorless, which is conducive to production safety.

It is suitable for defoaming under the condition of strong acid and alkali. When the PH value of the defoaming system is 14, many silicone defoamers have been demulsified and bleached, and the physical state of the defoamer should be lost. The decrease or disappearance will also leave unexpected drawbacks behind the defoaming products. This series of defoamers can maintain a good physical state at this temperature. It does not break milk, oil, or defoam. It has stronger foam breaking and defoaming effects than normal temperature. It defoams quickly and has a long-lasting foam suppression. , Will not cause any pollution to the environment, the amount of defoaming when using this product is small, and the cost is low.


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