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What Are The Advantages Of Water Based Defoamers?

By : -- 2019-05-23 17:45:20

There are many types of defoamers, which are used in different industries.Manufacturers can also develop defoamers based on product ingredients for customer needs.In order to remove the bubble more quickly and improve the product benefits, people have concerned on the quality  and the application of the product.


Many metalworking fluids and epoxy resins products often use colorless water based defoamers.Because the colored defoamers will affect the original transparency of the product,even producing the floating mixture.This not only causes the unsatisfactory defoaming effect, but also leads to a decline in product quality and an increase in cost.

Water based defoamers are also divided into a variety of products, respectively, applied to different products: paint, printing ink, textile printing, glue, adhesives and so on.

What are the advantages of water based defoamers?

                                                                              (colorless water based defoamers)

The price of each water based defoamers is different, but the defoamer produced by the factory will be more assured than the one supplied by the dealer.So what are the advantages of water based defoamers?

1. For the water-based products, it has excellent defoaming effect and achieves rapid defoaming performance;

2. Protect the ingredients and properties of product while eliminating the generation of large and small bubbles;

3. The problem of foaming has solved that improve production speed and increase accelerate shipment rate.


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