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Tu Youyou's Newest Discovery--Artemisinin,Defoamer Is A Good Member In The Medicine

By : -- 2019-06-21 11:24:58

Tu Youyou's team resolves artemisinin resistance in malaria treatment.In the near future, this team puts forward a practical treatment plan to deal with the problem of "artemisinin resistance", and made new progress in the field of "artemisinin treatment of lupus erythematosus and other indications", "traditional Chinese medicine research of world renown", and obtained the highly recognition of World Health Organization as well as authoritative experts at home and abroad.

In the production of antibiotics, vitamins and other drugs, foam is a big trouble that affecting effectiveness of medicine.Especially in the fermentation process of mixing the materials under air, a large amount of bubbles will be generated, which will easily lead to overflow and affect fermentation efficiency and productivity.Therefore, defoamers are essential chemicals for pharmaceutical production. People only need to add a small amount of defoamer, which can replace a large amount of edible oil, effectively eliminating foam, thereby increasing productivity and fermentation efficiency.

Tu Youyou's New Discovery--Artemisinin,Defoamer Is A Good Member In The Medicine

(Medicine And Medical Supplies)

Commonly used defoamers are: polyether defoamers, silicone defoamers, mineral oil defoamers.

The defoaming performance of the polyether defoaming agent and the foam inhibiting performance are not as good as those of the silicone defoaming agent, but the polyether defoaming agent has little toxicity, can be used for the fermentation of microorganisms, and can withstand high temperature, high alkalinity and high acidity. Polyethers are currently used in the medical field.

Silicone defoamer has good defoaming performance and foam inhibition performance, but it is not resistant to high temperature and acid. It can be used in water treatment and other fields. Silicone defoamer mainly includes dimethyl (silicone) silicone oil, polyether silicone oil, etc. In recent years, silicone defoamers have been widely used in the fields of pulmonary edema aerosol, gastrointestinal drugs, gastrointestinal examination and lubrication, as well as antibiotic fermentation production.

Mineral oil defoamers are generally used in coatings and inks,it has less application range due to its high price.


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