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How To Choose The Metal Cutting Fluid Defoamer

By : -- 2020-06-29 14:21:50

Nowadays, there are many types of defoamers for metalworking fluids on the market. Many metalworking fluid producers have many concerns when choosing defoamers. I don’t know what kind of defoamer is more suitable for metal cutting. The editor introduces the selection and use of metal defoamers.



Cutting fluid defoamer application in metal cutting


Cutting fluid is the most important additive in the process of metal cutting, which can improve the cutting efficiency, improve the accuracy and reduce the surface roughness of the work, and also extend the tool life and help achieve the best results when cutting. While using the cutting fluid, a large amount of foam will be produced on the surface of the cutting fluid. The main reasons for the generation of foam are three points:


① the foam caused by the liquid level of the cutting fluid is too low 

② the process is too fast when cutting, the bubbles are in this There is no way to overflow more and more, which leads to a large amount of foam. There is no way to eliminate 

③ The tank is designed with too many right angles, or the nozzle angle of the cutting fluid is too straight.


The manufacturer's concerns or concerns are: the use of these defoamers will not be effective, the foam suppression will not last long, and there will be precipitation, oil floating and other phenomena.


After understanding the concerns of the manufacturers, Defond has launched a defoamer product that perfectly solves the foaming problem of metal cutting fluids. It is made of special modified polyether and fluorine-containing raw materials through a special process, which is very soluble in water. 

Especially suitable for continuous defoaming and foam suppression under the conditions of high temperature, strong acid and alkali, high shear force and high pressure. It has excellent high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no floating and no floating oil; it can be widely used in the elimination and suppression of foam in various harsh systems in a wide temperature range.


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