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Three Precautions for Using Defoamers In Concrete Production

By : -- 2019-02-19 17:38:09

After adding the defoamer, the appearance of the concrete is more beautiful and the degree of compaction is better. Here we introduce the three major considerations for the use of antifoams in the concrete making process:

Three Precautions for Using Defoamers In Concrete Production

Concrete Defoamer

1. Defoaming agent can reduce the gas content of polycarboxylate superplasticizer when polycarboxylate series water reducer is used to produce concrete. The concrete slurry will be sticky. It is recommended to incorporate bleed air after incorporating antifoaming agent. The agent can eliminate the uneven large bubbles in the polycarboxylic acid and introduce uniform small bubbles, which can increase the ease of the concrete.

2. The defoaming agent has strong dispersibility with water and admixture, and it is easy to separate after being placed for a long time. It is recommended to continue mixing during this time.

3. Antifoam may be degraded due to alkalinity. Please avoid using it at pH 10 or higher.

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