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Application and Dosage of Sewage Treatment Defoamers in Different Industries

By : -- 2019-02-22 17:20:00

We are troubled by the problem of water, because there are many industrial waste waters, domestic sewage polluting the environment at any time, and even harming our health. At present, the state has stipulated that untreated sewage is prohibited from being discharged, and a large amount of harmful bubbles and foam generated during the sewage treatment process. Therefore, sewage treatment defoamer has become a hot product of many sewage treatment plants.


 Application and Dosage of Sewage Treatment Defoamers in Different Industries

Sewage Treatment Defoamer in High Efficient


Precautions when selecting a sewage treatment antifoam


First, different industries need to choose different types of sewage antifoams

Defoaming agent used in different industries are different. For example, the printing and dyeing industry needs to choose a textile wastewater treatment antifoam. In the paper industry, it is necessary to use a papermaking sewage treatment antifoaming agent. Of course, it depends on the nature of the sewage treatment system. Of course, the same antifoams cannot be used for different properties.


Second, check the compatibility of sewage treatment defoamers with sewage treatment system and whether it has any impact on its own products.

After the defoaming agent is added to the stock solution system, stir it evenly, and then check the speed and stability of the two. If the compatibility is not good, it is not compatible, and it is best not to use it.


Third, check the defoaming and antifoam effect after use

If it is the same amount of addition, the faster the defoaming rate is selected, the better the defoaming time of the sewage antifoam is. If the bubble is generated after a short time after defoaming, then it cannot be selected. That is to say, it takes a long time to foam or not foam, indicating that the foam suppression effect is good.


Fourth, the amount of sewage treatment anti-foaming agent added

In the case of the same effect, the less the amount added, the better. Of course, depending on the foaming system, the amount added will be slightly different. Defeng Defoamers will help you test, so that you can add the most suitable amount.


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