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Polyether Modified Polysiloxane Defoamer

By : -- 2019-02-27 17:19:51

A polyether modified silicone type antifoaming agent which is introduced into a polyether segment by modification on a polysiloxane segment. In the molecule of the silicone ether copolymer, the siloxane segment is lipophilic and the polyether segment is hydrophilic. The polyethylene oxide chain in the polyether segment provides energy saving and foaming, and the polypropylene oxide chain provides energy saving and hydrophobicity.


Polyether Modified Polysiloxane Defoamer

polyether modified silicone defoamer


The polyether modified silicone antifoaming agent not only has the characteristics of strong defoaming effect, low surface tension, low volatility, non-toxicity, pollution-free, physiological inertness, but also polysiloxane type antifoaming agent. The ether antifoaming agent has high temperature resistance and strong alkali resistance. Polyether modified silicone defoamer is a new type of high efficiency defoamer that combines the advantages of both. It also has many excellent properties.


Strong defoaming effect: It has the characteristics of low surface tension and high activity inherent in polysiloxane, and has the advantages of easy dispersion of polyether in water. Therefore, not only is it more effective than conventional silicone antifoaming agents, but in some cases it can solve the problems that conventional defoamers cannot solve.


Reverse Solubility: Polyether-modified polysiloxane at low temperatures, the polyether chain forms a hydrogen bond with water to carry the polysiloxane chain evenly diffused into water, similar to the dissolved state; and when the temperature rises As the hydrogen bond is broken, the hydrophilicity of the polyether chain is deteriorated, and when the cloud point is lost, the hydrophilicity is lost, and the entire polysiloxane polyether chain is in an insoluble state, and the defoaming action is exerted. 

The polysiloxane polyether copolymer has low temperature dissolution and high temperature insolubility, which effectively improves the application performance of the polysiloxane.


In the early fifties, Donald first synthesized such copolymers. In recent years, this type of antifoam has developed rapidly and has been derived into a series of products, with polyether defoamers and polysiloxane antifoaming agent. The agent forms the three major synthetic defoaming agent.


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