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Application of Cement Mortar Defoamer

By : -- 2020-05-21 16:20:45

The phenomenon of foam in the construction industry is very common, but many people are accustomed to think that they do n’t pay attention. Although the impact of foam is not very big, the foam will make your construction progress longer, and it will also affect the building materials themselves. Quality issues. If you want to fundamentally solve the foam problem in the construction industry, then you need the intervention of defoamers. As the name implies, defoamers deal with the foaming problems in various industries.

Defond is a leader in defoaming in the industrial building materials industry. For 11 years, defond Industrial Building Materials defoamer has been defoaming the construction industry. In the case of problems, we continue to improve and improve our defoamers. . Today, our building material defoamer has found a major breakthrough in the construction industry, becoming the fastest defoamer and the best quality defoamer manufacturer in China.

cement defoamer

Application of cement mortar defoamer

Take a client case, an old construction worker Wang Lao in Henan responded to us. Mr. Wang had a foaming problem in the cement mortar project. Mr. Wang also knew that the foam problem must also be defoamed with defoamers. However, the defoamer that Mr. Wang bought before from other manufacturers did not have an effect on the foam of cement mortar, but extended the progress of their construction. Later, Mr. Wang searched for Henan defoamer on the mobile terminal and found our defond Defoamer Company. After consulting with defond customer service, he recommended B-361 defond Cement Mortar Defoamer, the cement mortar we developed. Antifoaming agent is a defoaming agent which is developed by the latest patent technology and belongs to the synthesis of polyether and other components. This series of products can maintain a good physical state under extreme temperatures. The speed of not breaking milk, bleaching oil, and defoaming is even more amazing, and it is a benefit to customers in terms of price.

Our company first sent samples of BM-361 cement mortar defoamer to Mr. Wang as a trial. After all, Mr. Wang wanted to find a defoamer product that solved the root cause. After a week, Mr. Wang called defond and immediately purchased from us 900kg defoamer, and explains the reason, your defoamer is in line with our requirements, and solves the fundamental problem of foam.


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