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Defond Concrete Defoamer BM-868

By : -- 2020-05-26 10:30:56

On June 29, Mr. Fang, who studied concrete in Zhuhai, Guangdong, called our customer service of Defeng and asked if we had concrete defoaming products to solve their current problems. Because the industry's requirements on concrete technology and the surface decoration effect of concrete are getting higher and higher, due to the influence of factors such as raw materials and mix construction technology and demoulding in the construction process of concrete, the current status of foam will appear on the surface of the concrete. This seriously affects the quality problems in the concrete.

 Concrete Defoamer

Application of concrete defoamer in concrete


Researched by the construction unit; there are many reasons for the foam. For example: improper aggregate size, excessive content of needle-like particles, large water consumption, high water ash concrete, the use of mold release agent is unreasonable. Once the air bubbles in the surface layer of the concrete structure come into contact with the viscous release agent, it is difficult for them to rise and discharge with vibration. Directly causing bubbles to appear on the surface of the concrete structure, after consulting with engineers, Defeng decided to recommend a BM-868 concrete defoamer to Mr. Fang.


BM-868 concrete defoamer is a defoamer synthesized by polyether and other components. It has excellent defoaming and foam suppression performance, and can maintain a good physical state at any temperature, without breaking emulsion, bleaching oil, and non-toxic It is tasteless and will not cause any pollution to the environment. The most important thing is that the cost of use is also low, and it can solve the foam problem caused by Mr. Fang's concrete.


A few days later, after trial of Mr. Fang on BM-868 concrete defoamer, it can solve the stubborn foam problem in concrete very well. If you encounter problems like this, you can contact us in time.


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