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Want to reduce water costs? This defoamer for car washing is environmentally friendly and efficient

By : -- 2020-05-27 18:13:37

At 13:59 on April 18, 2017, Mr. Wu of  Dongguan Defond Defoamer Co., Ltd. received a call from a car chain service company in Shenzhen City. Too many bubbles caused Mr. Zhou ’s water costs to remain high.

The chain enterprise provides car beauty, repair and maintenance, auto parts and other services in the local area, of which car cleaning is one of the most important businesses. In its car washing operation, automatic car washing equipment or manual car washing machine will be applied, but the indispensable is tap water and detergent.

Zhou found that the foam generated and adhering to the vehicles when the branches cleaned the cars was particularly high. This leads to an increase in the number of water passes, which not only increases the workload of the workers, but also slows down the speed of car washing, and even affects the experience of the owner.

(Too much foam, increased water consumption)

Taking the water price in Beijing as an example, the domestic water price for residents is 3.7 yuan / cubic meter, while the water price for the automobile industry is as high as 41.5 yuan / cubic meter, which is 11 times the water price for residents! , Scientifically reducing the water consumption of the car wash industry will ensure the price advantage of auto service companies.

Laboratory workers believe that the pressure of rinsing and spraying exacerbates the foaming phenomenon of the surfactant component of the detergent. Too much foam will not improve the cleanliness of the car, but will increase unnecessary costs. The use of defond antifoaming agent can suppress the excessive foaming of car detergents when cleaning cars.

Mr. Zhou hopes to customize a defoamer product that is completely transparent, neutral and mild, and harmless to car paint. Meng Gong recommends defond BM-370 / 373/374 three defoamers for car washing. Mr. Wu has sent free samples, looking forward to Mr. Zhou's test feedback!

In addition, on March 29, we pushed the problem of foaming of the cement board of a certain auto parts company in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and defond's defoamer products are very in line with the needs of this customer. Cooperation has begun! Trust and support for defond!


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