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The foam is difficult to subside? Let’s use food-grade fermentation defoamer

By : -- 2020-06-09 13:58:08

At 11:38 on May 23, Mr. Liu, a beverage manufacturer in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, needed food-grade fermentation defoamers due to serious foaming problems when filling apple cider vinegar. Contact us.


   (The picture shows apple cider vinegar drinks)

The company mainly produces various common beverage products, and its main product is apple cider vinegar. It has a sweet and sour taste, is alkaline after being metabolized in the human body, and has the function of neutralizing acidic foods such as fish, egg, rice noodles, etc.; the beneficial bacteria therein can produce essential nutrients such as the vitamin B family necessary for the human body.

The production of apple cider vinegar requires a secondary fermentation process. The company uses concentrated apple juice as a raw material, adds yeast, and ferments the cider in a fermentation tank. At this time, the bubble has begun to gradually produce.


   (technicians are operating fermentation equipment)

Second fermentation requires access to acetic acid strains, so that the cider has a metabolic effect and produces acetic acid. Due to the action of acetic acid bacteria, the foam in the fermentation tank becomes more and it is difficult to dissipate by itself. When the company used automatic filling equipment to fill the cider vinegar bottle, a large amount of foam poured out of the bottle.

Apple cider vinegar flowing out of the bottle will flow onto the production conveyor belt, polluting the production line; the coverage of the foam layer prevents the apple cider vinegar bottle from filling up, the filling efficiency is low, and the content requirement is not met; the lost apple vinegar component costs Mr. Liu the cost serious.


(One of the characteristics of apple cider vinegar is that it is easy to foam)

According to the specific parameters of its apple cider vinegar, Zhou Gong in the laboratory customized the antifoaming agent B-403 for food-grade fermentation. The defoaming effect of the small test is very ideal! Mr. Wu sent free samples, I hope Mr. Liu's pilot test will be successful!


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