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White Water Paper Defoamer

By : -- 2020-06-09 13:58:21

On July 14th, Mr. Guo, a papermaking auxiliary manufacturer in Anhui, found Defond by searching for Anhui papermaking defoamer, hoping that Defeng's papermaking defoamer could eliminate the surface foam containing AKD emulsion white water system and the adsorption on fibers in dehydration foams.

Defond Sales Mr. Zeng, after some understanding, according to Mr. Guo's request, recommended several paper-making defoamers for Mr. Guo, and sent free samples to Mr. Guo for testing.


Application area of papermaking defoamer

Defond paper defoamer has a strong defoaming effect on white water, can quickly remove the fine bubbles entrained between the fibers, eliminate the foam floating on the surface of the slurry, eliminate the influence of bubbles on the process, and avoid the formation of holes, It reduces paper breakage and does not overflow the pulp pond, ensuring the loss of fibers and wet end chemicals. The paper has a better uniformity and the quality has been greatly improved.

On July 20th, Defond received a call from Mr. Guo of Anhui again. The paper-making defoamers that were sent back for feedback were all tried. A defoamer most suitable for me has been selected. Finally, Mr. Guo purchased 1 ton of papermaking defoamer from Defond Defoamer.

Defond antifoaming agent-16 years of experience in research and development of antifoaming agent, has the most comprehensive comprehensive solution of antifoaming agent in China, supports personalized customized production of antifoaming agent. For papermaking defoamers, if you have any questions, please contact us.


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