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Biological Fermentation Antifoam

By : -- 2020-06-23 11:13:13

On June 1st, Ms. Wang of the Sales Department of Zilibon Defoamer Factory received a call from Mr. Chen from Leizhou, Zhanjiang. According to Mr. Chen's reaction, he was doing bio-fermentation and encountered foaming problems during the production process, which seriously affected In order to ensure the smooth progress of the production process, rapid defoaming, long-lasting foam suppression, safety, non-toxic and non-flammable, no harm to the human body, and no impact on the original fermentation system of fermentation broth.

 Biological Fermentation Antifoam

Application of biological fermentation defoamer

Zhanjiang Leizhou Chen also reflected that the problem of foaming during fermentation has three major hazards to his production process:

   ① During the fermentation process, the fermentation tank reduces the loading capacity in order to contain the stirred foam and prevent the overflow of the liquid, resulting in a reduction in production efficiency.

   ②If the loading capacity of the tank is not reduced, there will not be enough space to contain the foam, resulting in the overflow of bubbles and the loss of raw materials, resulting in waste of raw materials and increased costs.

   ③ The long-lasting and unbreakable foam is filled with carbon dioxide as the microorganisms breathe, and cannot exchange with the oxygen in the air, which seriously affects the breathing of the bacteria.

After detailed communication between Ms. Wang and Mr. Chen in the sales department, Ms. Wang sent a sample free of charge in the afternoon in the fermentation industry in recent years. It can quickly defoam, last for a long time, and is safe, non-toxic and non-flammable. It will not cause harm to the human body. Samples of biological fermentation defoamer that affected the original system of fermentation broth were delivered to Mr. Chen from Leizhou, Zhanjiang.

On June 4, Ms. Wang from the Sales Department received a call from Mr. Chen from Leizhou, Zhanjiang again. Mr. Chen reported that the sample of BM-864/810 bio-fermentation defoamer was very good. During the process of adding the defoamer, the foam quickly It can be eliminated, and the defoamer antifoam performance test has been done for up to 42 hours. The defoamer can still quickly defoam, inhibit the generation of foam, does not affect the original system, is safe and non-toxic, and completely solves the problem of foam. The three major hazards he brought. And ordered 500kg, BM-864/810 bio-fermentation defoamer.


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