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Seawater desalination Anti-foam sale online

Seawater desalination Anti-foam sale online

Model No. 



Milk white liquid

PH Value 





Dissolve in water, excellent dispersibility

Note:Above data only shows the typical characteristics of this product, not represent the specification range


Sea water desalination defoamer is made from polyether modified polysiloxane by various kinds of techniques.

A majority of active organic substance creating after the sea water desalination using, which will cause lot of foams, that can seriously affect the process running And the environmental sanitation.  

This defoamer is used in the sea water desalination factory to control the foams, it’s a kind of new type and high efficient defoamer which is adaptable to the systems of high temperature, viscous, strong alkaline and high-salt condition. 

It’s well compatible with most of antisludging agent and germicidal agents, not affected by the temperature range and pH value. 

Product Characteristic.png

(1)Fast defoaming ability, lasting foam suppressing effect, small dosage, not any effect to the basic property of foaming system.

(2)Good permeability, compatibility, oxidative resistance.

(3)Good dispersibility, chemical stability, non-toxic, non-corrosive, no adverse side affect.

(4)Workable under the condition of acid, alkali, salt, electrolyte, and hard water.   

(5)Comparable with top quality product on market, while the price is much more affordable. 

Product Application.png

This defoamer is used inSeawater desalination  process.

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Apply to Seawater desalination                                                Apply to Seawater desalination  

Usage Method.png

Usage: Direct dropwise add or spray this defoamer to foaming system.  

Recommended dosage: 0.05~0.3% for each ton of sewage, the optimal dosage should be determined through the actual test.

If need to dilute this product with water, please use up within 1 day, the diluting multiples is 1~10 times.

If need to long-term store after diluting, it must add stabilizer. 

Welcome to contact us at anytime for any question. 

Package and Storage.png

1. Packing: 60KG, 200KG, 1000KG /Plastic drum, or as customer required. 

2. Storage: Non-dangerous goods, non-toxic, non-flammable. Should be stored sealed, in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Before used up, the container should be sealed tightly at around 25℃. 

3. The shelf life is about 12 months.

4. Transportation: This product should be sealed well during transportation, preventing from moisture, water, strong acid & strong alkali.

Protective Measures.png

Please refer to Dongguan defeng defoamer Co.,Ltd  Defoamer Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)

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