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The Process of Custom Circuit Board Cleaning Agent Defoamer

By : -- 2018-06-15 11:03:11

On May 24, 2017, Mr. Zhou, the person in charge of a circuit board cleaner in Hong Kong, sent two bottles of detergent. Its product foam is too much and circuit board cleaning is poor and it is in trouble. Many helpless, accidentally learned Defeng Dongguan defoaming technology, requested Wang Gong for its custom circuit board cleaning agent with defoamer.

Mr. Zhou factory cleaning agent

Wanggong immediately launched a defoaming experiment: a sample of two bottles of circuit board cleaning agent, a total of about 300g, one of which added a friend defoamer; sampling it is clear that it is a yellowish transparent liquid, with a slight odor; pH is 9 ~ 10; viscosity is very thin, good fluidity; good water solubility.

The cleaning agent is used to clean the circuit board during processing, and foaming is very serious at 40°C. After the addition of phosphate to the formulation, the used antifoaming agent was not effective. I hope to open the water 20 times thinner, the defoaming effect is ideal. Wanggong will use a mature formula defoamer for cleaning agents, conduct defoaming tests on samples and compare the samples added with AUO Defoamer to find a defoamer product that is most suitable for sample cleaning agents.

Wang Gong first sampled the cleaning agent, and after it was diluted 1:20 with water, it was poured into a measuring cylinder of No. 1 to No. 5, and a Defeng defoamer was added dropwise. The stock solution added with UBS Defoamer was poured into a 6-gauge cylinder. Put six measuring cylinders into a water bath and heat it to 40°C. Then place in a shaker and shake it for 1 hour. After taking out, observe and compare the defoaming and defoaming conditions of the various defoamers and record the experimental phenomena.

Defoaming agent for PCB cleaning agent

Four Defeng defoamer models with the best performance were selected. To each of the four sample cups, 10 g of the detergent stock solution was added, respectively, and 0.05 g each of a selected antifoaming agent was added dropwise, and the compatibility of each sample cup was observed.

Wang Gong confirmed that the DF-8002 circuit board cleaning agent used antifoaming agent for fast defoaming, inhibited foaming for a long time, and achieved a small test success! Mr. Zhou lamented that defoaming technology is still very strong! Director Huang has sent free samples and hopes that Mr. Zhou's successful pilot test.


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