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Cutting Fluid Defoamer Professional Customization Process

By : -- 2018-06-11 18:34:02

On May 18, 2017, Mr. Wang of a surface treatment technology company in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, sent two bottles of cutting fluid to Defeng Laboratories. The air bubbles severely hindered the cutting work and asked the parties for no results. They requested Defeng custom antifoaming agent for cutting fluids.

Wang Gong started the defoaming experiment: sampled a bottle of fully synthetic cutting fluid, a bottle of semi-synthetic cutting fluid, each 1kg; the whole synthetic cutting fluid was slightly yellow and transparent, with a slight odor; pH was 7 to 8; viscosity was relatively dilute Good water solubility.

When the cutting fluid is foaming at work, it is required that the antifoaming agent has a high defoaming speed, and the foaming lasting time is at least 5 days. The antifoaming agent particles cannot be filtered out by the CNC filter element, otherwise, no effect can be achieved. The addition amount was 1 to 1.5%, and the pump cycle test was performed at a concentration of 10%.

According to the specific requirements, Wanggong will customize a defoamer product that can pass the CNC filter, suppress the foam for 5 days, and have a high defoaming speed for the synthetic cutting fluid. Sample synthetic cutting fluid and add 20 g of stock solution to each of the 6 sample cups. Then add 0.2g of cutting fluid mature formula defoamer to each sample cup, observe the compatibility of each sample cup, and record the experimental phenomenon.

The mixed liquid of 6 sample cups was diluted 1:20 with fresh water. Then pour each sample cup into a measuring cylinder. All the measuring cylinders were placed in a shaker for 3 hours of simulated shaking to observe and record the defoaming effect.

Using a filter device containing a CNC filter element to filter the liquid in each cylinder, the content of the defoamer particles after filtration was measured; each cylinder was allowed to stand for 5 days, and the defoaming effect of each of the defoamers was observed.


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