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Why Should You Choose Defond Mining Defoamer?

By : -- 2018-06-14 16:51:12

On July 28, 2017, a sample from a mining company in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province was sent to Defeng Laboratories. The company reacted with a blistering reaction during the beneficiation of the mine, resulting in loss of mineral salt spillage. Mr. Zhang has repeatedly asked for help without result, requesting Defeng custom demineralizing agent.

Wang Gong said that the beneficiation process has become increasingly sophisticated, focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction. In the past, the extensive dressing process that did not add defoamers and did not care about salt overflow had become history. The sample of a bag of mineral powder, weighing about 1kg, the appearance of ordinary sand; a bottle of dilute phosphoric acid dressing liquid, weighing about 1kg, is a colorless liquid; a bottle of Friends of antifoam agent weighing about 500g, colorless translucent liquid.

The beneficiation process is 100g ore + 200g dilute phosphoric acid, stir evenly, add 80g concentrated sulfuric acid, and continue stirring at 70°C to complete the oxidation reaction, and the foaming in the oxidation process will violently overflow and lose mineral salt products. Wanggong will customize a better than the prototype business products defoaming effect better, used in the beneficiation process drops, with less, high temperature, resistant to an acid selection of defoamers.

Engineer Wang first added 100 g of mineral powder to a beaker and then poured 200 g of dilute phosphoric acid. During the stirring process, the foam surged. Engineer Wang added 0.3 g of Youshang Defoamer to observe the defoaming effect. Put the beaker into the water bath, heat at 70°C, pour 80g of concentrated sulfuric acid, and the foaming surge is very severe. Engineer Wang again drops the Youshang defoamer and observes the defoaming effect.

Similarly, Wanggong used 4 Defeng mature formula defoamers to conduct demineralization and defoaming experiments, record the experimental conditions, and conduct comprehensive comparisons with other commercial products.


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