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Why Choose Defoamer For Drilling Mud To Solve The Foam Problem?

By : -- 2018-10-24 13:55:28

Everyone knows that a technology is used when exploring or developing an oil field. That is drilling technology. However, a large amount of foam is generated during the drilling process due to the use of a large amount of organic and inorganic treating agents and surfactants, as well as mechanical agitation, geography and the like. This makes many drilling workers very headaches, but there are defoamers for drilling mud. The problem of foam has been solved. Let's take a look at this product with the small series of Defeng Defoamer.

Drilling mud defoamer for drilling

Drilling mud defoamer for drilling

Use of drilling mud defoamer:

Oilfield drilling mud defoamer is mainly used in the drilling process, which can effectively solve the foam generated by drilling and avoid bad impact on production. It is suitable for maintaining high defoaming performance under high temperature acid or alkali or shear force and can be used in a wide temperature range. It can be used in drilling mud, mortar, mining, ore dressing in oil fields, and also in oil-water separation process.

The hazard of the foam:

1. Too much foam will cause the foam to compress, which will seriously affect the efficiency of the pump.

2, will lead to a decrease in density, can not hold the blowout.

3, will slow down the progress of production and product quality

4. When filling, loading, and loading, the foaming affects the metering and affects the loading efficiency.

Reasons for foaming:

1. When the treatment agent decomposes, gas is generated, which causes foam to be generated.

2. When mechanical agitation, foaming occurs due to air ingress.

3. Too much surfactant.

Defoamer for drilling mud

Defoamer for drilling mud

Drilling mud defoamer features:

The drilling mud defoamer developed by Defeng Defoamer Factory specifically solves the problem of defoaming in oil exploitation. Mainly composed of organic hydroxy compounds, white carbon black, special synergists and dispersants. It has obvious effect on eliminating stubborn and fine foam in the operation, and has good defoaming, antifoaming and degassing effects. The product has good dispersibility and low dosage, and can be well dispersed in the slurry to suppress the intractable foam in the mud due to other additives and the like. Because this product has high temperature and high shear resistance, it does not lose its defoaming performance due to high temperature during drilling. No adverse effect on mud and related additives. Fully guarantee the stable production of oil production.

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